Medium Brown Skin Tone Doll with Braided Pigtails

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This beautiful black doll inspires you to love yourself because loving her, is loving you! Simply because she looks like you.

Adding her to your collection is a guaranteed smile on your face every time you pick her up.

 Why doesn't she have a name?  We want you to use your imagination to name her.

Doll details

18 inch Doll

Vinyl head and limbs

Cloth Body

Rooted hair in 2 braided pigtails (can be undone)

Eyes open & close

Dress made of cotton and Ankara fabric (NOTE: intricate pattern so every dress is unique)

Black Patent Shoes

Note: Does not include doll carrying case


Doll Hair Care

Hair is washable (not recommended)

Finger style or use hair pick/wide tooth comb

Do not apply heat 

Care Instructions

Wipe face and limbs with warm soapy water using a soft sponge or cloth

Spot clean cloth body (only if absolutely necessary)

Do not immerse in water