A Light Brown Skin Tone Doll Long Wavy Hair

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New York Times FEATURED Doll


This doll represents many people across the globe, in the same way that you can relate to her. We are beautiful in every shade of brown, and this doll is no different. Be thankful each day when you look in the mirror and celebrate your unique gifts. You were made to be you and it was no mistake.

Be proud of who you are!

Why doesn't she have a name?  We want you to use your imagination to name her.

Did you know?

She absolutely loves animals. Her favorite thing to do is visit the Zoo and learn all about the animals. Her dream is to go on Safari in Kenya and can't wait for the chance to. She also enjoys watching the squirrels and rabbits in her back yard.

Doll details

Vinyl head and limbs

Cloth Body

Rooted hair (not a wig)

Eyes open & close

Dress made of cotton and Ankara fabric (NOTE: intricate pattern so every dress is unique)

Gold Shoes


Doll Hair Care

Hair is washable (not recommended)

Finger style or use hair pick/wide tooth comb

Do not apply heat 

Care Instructions

Wipe face and limbs with warm soapy water using a soft sponge or cloth

Spot clean cloth body (only if absolutely necessary)

Do not immerse in water