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Why choose our dolls?

Ikuzi Dolls celebrate the black girl, from her lovely shades of brown to her kinky curly or wavy textured hair.

Our dolls are a perfect way to promote self love, as well as introduce your child to diversity. As we learn to love our dolls during role play, we develop an appreciation, respect and acceptance of ourselves and others.

Black doll with curly natural hair. Medium brown skin tone
You are gorgeous both inside and out. Be proud of who you are! Let your light shine and celebrate your gifts.

Medium Brown Dolls

Dark skin black doll with curly hair
These beautiful black dolls inspire you to love yourself, with their beautiful stunning features just like yours.

Dark Brown Dolls

light skin black doll with natural hair
As lovely as can be, our beautiful dolls encourage you to embrace who you are and be the best you can be.

Light Brown Dolls


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Customer Reviews

These ikuzi dolls are so beautiful and well made! My girls take them around everywhere and we are so happy with our purchase. Great customer service and amazing dolls. Have been recommending to everyone and anyone who sees them agrees that they are indeed gorgeous and crafted beautifully.

- Ester C.

I’ve purchased 3 dolls and a doll carrier so far. The quality is outstanding and the dolls are BEAUTIFUL. I’ve purchased all 3 shades and 2-3 different hair styles. One of my friends sends me videos of her daughter with her dolls. And she always starts with the text “Parker and these damn dolls” 😂 because they are about her size and have to go with her wherever she goes.

- Casiya T.

Our adoptive daughter has struggled to find her perfect best friend and thanks to ikuzi dolls she now has the perfect companion. She loves her doll whom she’s name Takisha, and takes her everywhere. Thank you so much for such a beautiful product and for bringing so much joy into a lonely girls heart. I would give ten stars if I could. Everything about this purchase was perfect, the website was easy to use, tracking the parcel was fun, Ritchie was soo excited to follow her dolls journey. The box design is absolutely delightful, she cut out the animals and has them stuck to her notice board. And the doll itself is absolutely wonderful. Thankyou again for bringing our daughters dreams to reality, all her friends have dolls of similar size that look like them and she felt so led tour and now, they’re all jealous of her doll instead. And I must say, the hair on this doll is fantastic!! Ritchie keeps saying how it feels just like her own. Thanks again, from the bottom of our hearts. You’re a Wonderful company.

- RenPaul W.

These dolls are amazing plus very high quality. The fact that they embrace Africa in their designs (Ankara print) and are Black owned definitely had me sold. My daughter is biracial and she loves her new light brown Ikuzi doll. It was pretty hard finding a light skinned (or black doll period) w/natural hair + African clothing (definitely not in target/walmart). Representation is really important in child self esteem/self-image and we all know Afro Diaspora are very under/misrepresented. What you guys are doing is Amazing. Ikuzi over American Doll any day.

-Romell B.

"IKUZI" means "TO TEACH"

(In the Igbo language)

Lets teach our girls to love who they are!