About Us


I'm Ozi, the founder of Ikuzi Dolls. I am the mother of 4 lovely children. I am also a fashion designer and children’s book author and illustrator.

Growing up I had many dolls, but unfortunately only one of them was black and it did not look like me. Today, I have been blessed with 2 beautiful daughters with different skin tones. They were my inspiration to create Ikuzi Dolls because I wanted them to have beautiful black dolls that look like them. With my daughters' help, our dolls have been lovingly crafted in every aspect from my designs to the hand-made face mold, to the dress designs, to selecting skin, hair and eye colors. 

Over time our collection will expand to include dolls with more shades of brown skin, hair textures, hairstyles and dress designs. I want every little black girl to have a beautiful black doll that they can relate to and identify with.


Ozi Okaro

P.S. My Journey; Programmer & Systems Analyst -> Ecommerce Marketing & Merchandising -> Now letting my creative side flourish & loving it :-)