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A Light Brown Skin Tone Mermaid Doll

$ 15.00
Type: Dolls

Mermaids have long been a recognized African diety, so why not have her in our many shades of brown.

This light brown skin tone Mermaid plush doll is one to keep. A welcome addition to your doll collection. Her lavender tail is adorable. Her Auburn/brown hair is cute. She is one of our Ikuzi Dolls Mermaid Trio. One of 3 mermaids to brighten up your day.

A great addition to your doll collection with hours and hours of playtime hugs and smiles ahead.

Doll details

100% Polyester material

100% Polyester filling 

10 inches Tall

Plush Toy

Care Instructions

Hand wash

Gently squeeze excess water out

Lay flat to dry