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A Dark Brown Skin Tone Doll

$ 79.99
Type: Dolls
Dress Fabric


New York Times FEATURED Black Doll


This beautiful black doll inspires you to love yourself, simply because you can see yourself in her, with her beautiful features and kind smile.

Fashion forward and ever so stunning as she takes her place among your existing doll collection. Representing you as you share your talents with the World as a beautiful girl both inside and out.

Why doesn't she have a name?  We want you to use your imagination to name her.

Did you know?

She loves to dance and has a pet cat named Sparkles. She loves to spend the day at the beach with her family. Her favorite color is lavender and she loves to collect seashells, which she paints in different shades of purple. Her favorite subject is Math. She also loves to play soccer.

Doll details

18 inch Doll

Vinyl head and limbs

Cloth Body

Rooted curly kinky hair (not a wig)

Eyes open & close

Dress made of cotton and Ankara fabric (NOTE: intricate pattern so every dress is unique)

Silver Shoes

Note: Does not include doll carrying case


Doll Hair Care

Hair is washable (not recommended)

Finger style or use hair pick/wide tooth comb

Do not apply heat 

Care Instructions

Wipe face and limbs with warm soapy water using a soft sponge or cloth

Spot clean cloth body (only if absolutely necessary)

Do not immerse in water