To comb or not to comb? That is the question

March 03, 2016

Ever meet a mother that does not comb her daughters kinky curly hair? Well this is becoming very common. Many are opting to finger comb after a wash, instead of working through that beautiful natural nappy hair with a wide tooth comb.

Well the choice is up to you and your little one. Whatever works best for her hair texture, a mother knows best. We recommend washing with your favorite moisturizing shampoo, conditioning with a moisturizing/detangling product. Then before rinsing out the conditioner, comb hair in sections with a wide tooth comb.

Rinse out, towel dry hair and add your favorite styling product and twist, braid or finger style. Remember, after toweling the hair dry, it is not necessary to comb the entire head of hair again, especially if your child has super thick hair. Just comb in sections as you style, you'll avoid any tears.