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I Love Meeting My Customers

I Love Meeting My Customers

I am loving meeting my customers in person. As an online only store, I miss that interaction with the kids, parents and grandparents who are interested in talking to me about my dolls. So whenever I get a chance to get out into the community to reach people, it makes my day.

Now that the weather is getting better, I have been setting up shop at fairs and festivals and getting the chance to meet my customers. I absolutely love it when someone comes up to me to tell me that they have already purchased one of my dolls, and just wanted to chat with me about the process and learn about my family and I.

This has been a fulfilling experience. I will continue to reach out to my tri-state community, NY/NJ/CT, whenever I get a chance to... between all of my kids activities :-)

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by my booth.