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Black Dolls Matter

Black Dolls Matter

It is a sad time for our Country. I fear for my children and my heart goes out to all the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters and entire communities that have lost during this time.

In light of Black Lives Matter, we all need to do our part to drive change in any way we can. And there are ways you can help if you really sit and think about the gift God has given you and ways you can inspire change.

For parents with white children, it is very important to expose them to black dolls. I have said this time and time again. This is one of the ways to raise your children to love, respect and accept black people, other races or people of color. This type of role play in the early years is so important to foster and create positive images and a positive perception of black people in the next generation.

Early Childhood Educators, please include black dolls in your facilities so that the children in your care can be exposed to black dolls/toys. Check out our Educators tab

Let us all come together and make a difference in any way we can.