Could these cuties be the real life versions of our dolls?

October 24, 2015

Yesterday I was browsing instagram and I came across these beauties. I was pleasantly surprised and a huge smile lit across my face. You see, these 3 girls looked like the 3 beautiful brown dolls I had designed.

I designed Ikuzi dolls after my 2 gorgeous girls, but my light skin tone doll was inspired by my niece and a lovely little 6 year old black girl with red hair at my kids school. So imagine my surprise to see these three beautiful black girls posed side by side, as if they were my doll models.

Below is the picture I am talking about. It just makes me feel that this is all worthwhile. Do you agree?Thank you @frobabies @christinshootspeople #frobabies #christinshootspeople #blackgirlsrock #blackdolls #ikuzidolls

The 3 brown skin tone girls