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Dolls are here for the Holidays!

November 20, 2015

Wow, how our little ones can bug us about the gifts they want for the holidays. From do you think Santa will get me a ...? or will you get me this $200 gift I see online?

Well, now we are happy to add Ikuzi dolls to that list. Our dolls will be here just in time for the holidays. We will have a limited amount available for sale that will make it to you by Christmas morning. As long as you are on our list. We will be notifying our Newsletter subscribers first as well as those on our waiting list that have been asked to be notified when our beautiful black dolls are back in stock.

If you are late and miss out on these dolls before the holidays, fear not, as we will have more dolls arriving just before the New Year! Good luck with your shopping! and making your buggers smile :-)